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It's a Pie Shop, It's A Record Store..It's Both!

Pie.  Yummy, soul satisfying pie. The timeless classic, warm and nostalgic. Who doesn't like pie?  Now take that pie shop and add in a little record revival and you got KATE'S PIE SHOP, the pie shop record store.

Kate's Pie shop specializes in classic old school pies baked fresh to order. We use old-fashioned recipes with fresh natural ingredients and serve them in a fun, music-centric environment. Our music will be classic rockabilly, punk rock, blues, soul, vintage country....among other things -- all served up with soul-satisfying pie!

We enjoy music and want to share this passion with our patrons. We wish to engage our customers with a shared love of record collecting. We want to bring back that warm, happy feeling of hanging out at the record store, in our own unique way.

We are asking for your help to open our storefront: Our pie shop/record store in the heart of the city.

We are committed to keeping our business in the downtown area, to help revitalize our city with a shop that will be part of the wonderful
record revival.

Our dream is to be a part of revitalizing our city with something timeless and nostalgic, yet hip and fresh.
Please help us help our city.

Satisfy your pie hole in Rockford, Illinois.

Our Business Plan

If you are from the greater Rockford area, you are already familiar with us.We have had success in our first year of business in several farmers markets, including our favorite event, The Rockford City Market. We have decided to take our business to the next level, by opening a storefront in downtown Rockford.
We have been in business long enough now to realize that we face many obstacles to success. However, we do have a solid plan and a strong vision. With our proximity to the City Market, we have made the following projections based on our experiences:
1.) Our sales will be the strongest during the summer and autumn months. Followed by our second peak of holiday sales October-December.
2.) Our business will be showing a modest profit by our second year.
For our first two years we will be implementing a 5% rise in pricing while maintaining a moderate control of staffing and inventory. Within these perimeters our profits should see a modest yet steady growth.
I also summarize that our sales will increase over the first three years due in part to our growing popularity, unique downtown location, and our added wholesale accounts.
Our goal is to raise $10,000 in crowd funding to go into the $50,000 we still need. By obtaining SBA loans, using our retirement savings and borrowing from family, we will revamp one of the many empty downtown locations and turn it into a hip and unique music-centric pie shop, offering our customers a fun destination right in the heart of the city. 

$1,230 $5,000
Project Ends:Apr 29, 2013
Days Left:Ended
Psychic Love
$5.00 - 200 remaining
The Pie Lady will send out psychic loving waves of heartfelt gratitude, deep into the universe, for you.
Your Name will be Imortalized
$15.00 - 198 remaining
Your kindness will be treasured and printed on our future menu, "Page of Thanks". Children will learn of your selfless act of kindness. All humanity will smile, and our world will be a better place in which to live.
Slice O' Heaven
$25.00 - 96 remaining
You will receive *two slices of our sweetest or savory pie, a flowery thank you note written on our Facebook wall, and all the above mentioned glorious thanks. *A coupon will be mailed for those outside of the greater Rockford area.
Learn to Bake Your Favorite Pie
$50.00 - 50 remaining
Have you got a favorite pie, but just don’t know how to make it? The Pie Lady will come to your rescue. *Join me in the Pie Shop kitchen and we will make your pie together. See the pie lady up close and personal, ask those questions you dare to ask. I’ll even add your pie into my menu with your name attached, you'll be immortalized, you’ll be a star!! * For those who live outside of the greater Rockford area, or those who would prefer to not have a live demonstration, a video will be made and I will answer all your specific questions.
Trade Secrets
$100.00 - 25 remaining
You could be in a very select group of the “in- the- know” people, and posses a 1st draft, signed copy of the Satisfy Your Pie Hole Cookbook. All of our best selling pie recipes, pictures, & baking tips to help you bake your own old school pie. Each recipe will also include a suggested playlist to accompany your baking, or dinning pleasure.
The Flex Pass
$125.00 - 5 remaining
Your generous donation will give you a flex pass to the 42nd season of Charlotte's Web performances at the Mendelssohn Performing Arts Center. The Flex Pass is like purchasing season ticket without committing to a set schedule. Here’s how it works: Here’s how it works: You’ll be given a Flex pass card with 6 stars which can then be redeemed for tickets to the show of your choice. The flex pass will allow you six tickets to be used as you choose, take a date or a group, or use one ticket per show. Proudly show your flex pass at the box office and let them know you’re a Kate’s Pie Shop supporter and enjoy the show.
Satisfy Your Pie Hole T-Shirt & Gift Card
$150.00 - 25 remaining
Hot off the press, limited edition, and before they become available to the general public-- the "Satisfy Your Pie Hole in Rockford" T-shirt. A true Rockford original, locally made by the hip cats at Rockford Art Deli. You’ll be a hipster trend setter, no need to grow a mustache. Each T-shirt will also include a $20 Kate’s Pie Shop gift card to be use anyway you'd like from vinyl to pie.
Have Us At Your Mercy
$200.00 - 9 remaining
You and three of your favorite friends can have the *Pie Shop to your very own, for the entire day! Each guest will be given a "Satisfy your pie hole T-shirt" and a cutie pie, either sweet or savory. Choice whatever music you’d like to hear, throw a wedding, have a brisk, it’s all good, you rule the show! I’ll also bake one large savory pie for you and your guests on the house, the rest is up to you, whatever you’d like. *For those who would like to donate $200 but are not living in the area, we will ship four T-shirts, and four of our best fruit or nut cutie pies
The Grand Package
$450.00 - 3 remaining
The Grand Package: The whole enchilada! EVERYTHING mentioned above PLUS ONE FULL YEAR OF PIE *delivered to you or your favorite someone. (Pie of the Month Club, see website for details.) We’ll also arrange to have a celebrity guest join you at your private party at the pie shop! Gosh, I think this might be worth the trip into Rockford!!
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